Feeding the Lifestyle Health Foundation Tree

For our “acorn”, that fell to the ground in 2020, to sprout and grow into a ‘sapling’ and eventually develop into a strong health tree that blossoms to ‘bear fruit’, a team of people will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure the roots grow into “rich looming soil”, and the tree grows healthily.

Today we invite you to help with ‘feeding’ the tree, which you can do from here, so the whole community can eventually enjoy the “fruits” from the tree.

In addition, you can also leave your details with us, if you’d like to receive updates on the growth of the Lifestyle Health Foundation, along with information about our various activities.

Everyone who helps to ‘feed the tree’, and leaves their details with us will be notified at the end of each year of a report published on the website. That report will provide details of the funds we receive per year, plus details of growth of the Foundation.

If you have any questions for the team, please go to ‘More Info’ and use the ‘Contact us’