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The Significance of Our Tree

When you stop to look at a tree, do you ever entertain the thought that it has a lifestyle? I’m guessing the answer is likely to be no, as it was for me, up until a few weeks ago. Perhaps if the word is turned around, and it becomes a tree’s ‘style of life’, it may not seem quite so strange. After all, trees have a life. But, what about the ‘style’?     Read more

The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) champions safe activities and effective learning in the outdoors. We are a professional membership institute working towards an application for a Royal Charter.

The Broughton Sanctuary Nature Recovery Programme is transforming approx one-third of our land to a much wilder state, with existing long-term farming community continuing to operate as usual on the other two-thirds.

The Escape Art Centre  is a beautiful & important historical building, enjoying a brand new life as a unique art, theatre & music hub to support the Tonbridge community in Kent. Guy Portelli (Lifestyle Health Ambassador Leader), teamed up with owner of the Old Fire Station, Richard Collins.

Bore Place, is set in 500 acres of Kentish countryside and encompasses an organic dairy farm, organic market gardens, conference centre, environmental education centre, to provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Adler University continues the pioneering work of the first community psychologist Alfred Adler. In this video listen to students speak about why they chose to be an Adlerian.

Curiate is an online learning platform offer by Innervate Ltd to provide a range of ready-made online short courses to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Feed the Roots of Lifestyle Health

For our “acorn” to sprout and grow into a ‘sapling’ and eventually develop into a strong healthy tree that blossoms to ‘bear fruit’, a team of people are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the ‘roots’ grow into rich loamy soil. So the whole community can eventually enjoy the “fruits” from the tree, we invite you to help with ‘feeding’ our tree. You can do this by clicking on our friendly acorn, which has been programmed to disappear from the screen after a short period of time. You can always find in on other pages.

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