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Why a Tree?

When you stop to look at a tree, do you ever entertain the thought that it has a lifestyle? I’m guessing the answer is likely to be no, as it was for me, up until a few weeks ago. Perhaps if the word is turned around, and it becomes a tree’s ‘style of life’, it may not seem quite so strange. After all, trees have a life. But, what about the ‘style’?     Read more

Bringing Life to Medicine®: Healing Acquired Mind Injuries

To register to attend, May 5th 8pm in the UK, click here  

Ketobakery.co.uk is soon to open its ‘doors’ offering a refreshing new approach in support of home baking, in support of our work.

The Lived Experience. In Conversation with…

Welcome to the Lived Experience, in partnership with the Person-Centred Neurosciences Society 

Over the coming weeks & months, we will be inviting you to watch & enjoy a series of relaxed conversations with people from all walks of life, including people like Chris Freer living with Multiple Sclerosis & Chris Lewis with diagnosis of a rare cancer, which you can watch from here.  

The Lifestyle Health Foundation is partnering with the IPM Congress to be offer a discount to attend this conference. Learn more about this event… 

Curiate is an online learning platform offer by Innervate Ltd to provide a range of ready-made online short courses to support Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The Roots of Lifestyle Health

For those lucky enough to have a garden and you are a keen gardener who enjoys growing their own fruit and veg, you will know that preparing the ground is an important first step. This typically requires digging in the compost, before you, or perhaps with your children’s help, start sowing the seeds.

It was think about that first step that lead to the post you can read from here

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