Building knowledge and skills

In the months and years ahead, the Lifestyle Health Foundation will forge partnerships to support the education of, teachers, parents and people of grand parenting age, as they impart their life experiences, knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs and habits associated with ‘Lifestyle Health‘ in support of our vision and mission. 


Our education work will include addressing the importance of three core aspect of child development, as set out in this graphic, and described in the work of Agatha Bowley, who’s book “Guiding the Normal Child” is one of the resources our community is helping the Foundation to collate in our library. To learn how to help with collating various education and information material do visit our library, which you can join for free.

To support a desire to learn more about child development, we are pleased to provide access to various online learning modules, which are available from Curiate. Although the advertised price for many of the courses on that platform are £35, when you leaving your details with us, we will send you an email with a special token offering a 20% discount. What is more, when you redeem the token you will of course be helping to feed the growth of our tree!

Over the coming months and years we will work with our community to curate new education material for you to be able to access.