‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’

The ‘acorn’ for the Lifestyle Health Foundation fell to the ground in the autumn/winter of 2020, when the world continued to be in the grip of a global pandemic – COVID-19. The Foundation has been stimulated by the vision of an individual who, out of a personal health crisis in 2015, was driven to understand and learn from that traumatic experience to help identify ways to support others, perhaps less fortunate. Then during the many months of the pandemic, the opportunity arose to read the great ideals and psychology of, perhaps the lesser known psychologist, Alfred Adler, who spoke of a child’s ‘style of life’, a term described in the “Lifestyle of a tree“.

The focus of that vision sharpened through reading the work of Agatha Bowley, including this wonderful passage from “The Psychology of the Unwanted Child”, a book accessible from the Lifestyle Health Foundation Library, which you can visit by clicking on the following text:

Guiding the unwanted child

As we mention in our welcome, The Lifestyle Health Foundation is a social enterprise bringing a community of people & organisations together who share the vision and mission to learn about lifestyle health and its importance, especially in the early years of a child’s life in preventing many mental and physical health problems.

We invite you to join our community of people, where we believe “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and that together we will start by:

  • Building and growing a library to share existing & new resources, and published research to support people of grandparenting age, parents and teachers in guiding the social and emotional as well as intellectual development of children, especially through the early years of life.
  • Building a “platform” from which our children can voice their thoughts and emotions in the generation of ideas and solutions contributing to the mission of the Foundation.
  • Encouraging governments to recognise the significant life experiences and value that a person of grand-parenting age offers our education systems.

‘Feed the tree’