Beautiful People…

People are beautiful, people like you;
Sensitive, dutiful, tender and true;
When life is clouded by sadness or fear,
And hopes dissolve in a sigh or a tear –
Love, like a sunbeam, will
come shining through;

For people are beautiful – people like you.
There’re many things that
this world can afford,
Much to bring pleasure and much to reward;
Yet it is people that make life worthwhile;
Adds to its colour; its richness; its style.
There’s so much that’s precious,
exciting and new,
In beautiful people – people like you.

People are beautiful, such beauty shines.
Deep in the heart where
with love it entwines;
Forging a bond that time ne’er shall erase.
Safe in the soul where, in
power, it displays
Caring b’yond measure and sensitive too,
Such are the beautiful people, like you.

People are powerful; people with power,
Hold the world’s fate in their
hands by the hour;
Power to create or power to destroy,
Power to abandon or power to employ;
Where people have heart’s
that are noble and true,
Then are they beautiful people; like you?

If I must choose b’tween riches and wealth,
Promise of power, high status, good health;
Drop in a “Someone who’s loving
and kind”,
And there could ne’er be a
doubt in my mind;
‘Salt of the Earth’ and its “seasoning’ too;
People are beautiful – sensitive, dutiful,
Radiantly beautiful; people like you!

(c) Copyright 2019

The Beautiful People Behind the Poem

The beautiful poem was written by the Reverend Dr Sidney Bindemann and dedicated to his wonderful wife Christine Miriam Bindemann, who were the parents of the Founder and co-director of the Lifestyle Health Foundation, Dr Neil Bindemann. You can read more about the work of Dr Sidney Bindemann from the blog website,



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